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Want to take full advantage of our full range of Serum packs but want to save money at the same time? We've got you covered with our Serum presets bundle including Deep Melodic 2, Resonate, Particles, Deep Melodic, Connected Techno & Raw Tech House presets. Kit out your Serum plugin the best way possible.

6 serum packs in 1


Fill your boots with the Serum Presets Bundle and take full advantage with the eclectic array of sounds. Includes: Deep Melodic 2 Serum Presets, Resonate Serum Presets, Particles Serum Presets, Deep Melodic Serum Presets, Connected Techno Serum Presets & Raw Tech House Serum Presets.


Layer the sounds together to create amazing sounding tracks from the basses, leads, pads, plucks & more. Learn how the sounds are made from each preset which were made all from scratch using our years of knowledge of sound design.


Like the sound of the previews below? Included in the Serum Bundle are MIDI Files and all Ableton Demo Projects to see how they were made and to help you get to grips with the sounds more easily. Everything you need is right here in this bundle.


Deep Melodic 2 serum presets

Take the next step in your music production journey and immerse yourself into Deep Melodic 2 for Serum. We're thrilled to be releasing the 2nd instalment of the hugely popular Deep Melodic preset pack and it goes without saying this pack is certainly a big upgrade on the original. Cycle through the most up to date sounds ready to transform your music now.

Whats Included:

30 Basses, 20 Leads, 10 Sequences, 20 Pads, 5 FX, 15 Plucks

+ MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

resonate serum presets

Resonate comes packed with 100 presets of pure modern techno. Discover the creative and forward thinking sounds to add to your productions. From thunderous basslines to piercing sequences and leads, this pack has a little bit of everything to take your tracks a step further.

Whats Included:

30 Basses, 20 Leads, 15 Sequences, 15 Pads, 10 FX, 10 Plucks

+ MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

particles serum presets

Made to fit any electronic music genre, Particles pushes the boundaries of Serums capabilities in every way. 100 presets of truly captivating sounds designed to innovate your music with pulsating basses, uniquely ear catching leads & constantly evolving pads.

What's Included:

20 Basses, 20 Leads, 15 Sequences, 20 Pads, 10 FX, 15 Plucks

+ MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

Deep Melodic Serum Presets

Delve into the deep melodic preset pack for Xfer Serum filled with enormous pads, pounding basses and an array of plucks, sequences, fx and drum sounds to transform your own productions now.

What's Included:

20 Basses, 15 Sequences, 20 Leads, 20 Pads, 10 FX, 10 Plucks, 5 Percussions

+ MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

Connected techno serum presets

The Connected Techno preset pack makes the most out of Xfer Serums capabilities when it comes to the heavy, hypnotic side of the synth. 100 presets of edgy and intense sound design, perfect for anyone looking to take their tracks to the next level.

What's included:

25 Basses, 10 Leads, 15 Pads 15 Plucks, 15 Sequences, 10 Drums, 10 FX

+ MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

raw tech house serum presets

100 expertly crafted sounds filled with energy to fit your tech house production. Hear for yourself how thick the basses sound and how much the leads cut through creating some serious power. Essential presets for any tech house track.

What's Included:

20 Basses, 20 Leads, 20 Pads 10 FX, 15 x Sequences, 15 Plucks

+ MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

pack previews

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"Mojulate's presets are second to none. Really quality stuff from the guys. Would definitely recommend!"


"Been using Mojulate's presets in my music. Love the depth of sound design and unique qualities. Sick!"


"Love how the presets sound and I will definitely be using them in my future productions."


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