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The 2023 Everything Bundle includes every single pack we have already released in 2023, plus get every pack this year sent straight to you as soon as it is released. Once a new pack is out we will send you an email with the updated link so you get instant exclusive access to an array of amazing packs from presets, samples, templates & MIDI.

every pack from 2023 is here


Hundreds of the most up to date sounds ready to drag and drop straight into your projects and get creating. Choose between presets for Serum, Diva, Hive 2 and more.


Tons of samples including an eclectic array of drum loops, synth loops, fx, bass loops, one shot samples and much more to give you everything you need to create your next track.


All templates from this year and future projects are included also. Learn how to create release ready music with plenty to discover in each individual template.


Dark Progressive 2 diva presets

Introducing the second instalment of the Dark Progressive presets for Diva. Even more driving, melodic & progressive sounds filled with interesting and unique textures which take full advantage of Diva's capabilities, creating true analog feels.


30 Basses, 20 Leads, 5 FX, 15 Plucks, 20 Pads, 10 Arps

+ Bonus MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project


Resonate comes packed with 100 presets of pure modern techno. Discover the creative and forward thinking sounds to add to your productions. From thunderous basslines to piercing sequences and leads, this pack has a little bit of everything to take your tracks a step further.


30 Basses, 20 Leads, 15 Sequences, 15 Pads, 10 FX, 10 Plucks

+ Bonus MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

revolution hive 2 presets

Hive 2 is an extremely powerful VST and we wanted to make some presets that took full advantage of that awesome power, so we welcome you to Revolution. 100 presets of complex textures, evolving basslines & ear catching leads ready to transform your music now. Take a journey through Hive 2 and discover its endless possibilities.


30 Basses, 20 Leads, 20 Pads, 15 Plucks, 5 FX, 10 Sequences

+ Bonus MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

botanica full library

Expand your musical palette with the Botanica sample pack, featuring 370 organic and afro house samples inspired by the likes of Keinemusik, Black Coffee & Solomun, perfect for crafting your next masterpiece. With the widest range of sounds to choose from, you can explore all of your creative ideas and take your productions to the next level.

370 Afro House & Organic SAMPLES

10 Atmospheres, 20 Bass Loops, 20 Claps, 40 Full Loops, 30 Drum Loops, 10 FX, 20 Closed Hats, 20 Open Hats, 40 Kick Loops, 30 Pad Loops, 40 Percussions, 50 Percussion Loops, 20 Snares, 20 Synth Loops, 40 Top Loops, 10 Shakers, 10 Pad Loops, 10 Toms

+ Ableton Demo Project

formulate full library

Formulate is our biggest pack to date with 500 samples of pure Melodic House & Techno brimming with inspiration to help you create unique and innovative music. Choose between hundreds of sounds from atmospheric textures, crunchy drum loops, heavy percussions and much more.

What's Included:

10 Atmospheres, 40 Bass Loops, 40 Claps, 40 Full Loops, 40 No Kick Loops, 30 FX, 40 Hi Hats, 40 Kick Loops, 30 Pad Loops, 40 Percussions, 40 Percussion Loops, 30 Snares, 40 Synth Loops, 40 Top Loops

+ Ableton Demo Project

granular synth loops

Explore a world of sound with Granular. Featuring a huge collection atmospheric pads, synth loops, textured atmospheres and synth one-shots, all using granular synthesis, this pack provides epic soundscapes to take your music to the next level. With these powerful, cinematic sounds you can create epic sounding breakdowns at ease.

What's Included:

70 Pad Loops, 50 Synth Loops, 50 Atmopsheres, 30 Synth One Shots

+ Ableton Demo Project

entity ableton project template

Discover how a melodic techno, release ready production is created in the style of Afterlife & Upperground, and dissect every part of it from the melodies, leads, basses and everything in between. All created using Ableton & Serum.

what's included:

1 Ableton Project, 12 Audio Channels, 26 Midi Channels, 31 Serum Presets, 3 Wavetable Presets

horizon melodic midi files

Discover true creativity with Horizon. 100 melodic MIDI files to inspire and innovate with a vast array of chord progressions, arp sequences and everything in between. If you're in need of some inspiration to spark your next project then Horizon is the pack for you.

100 track ideas

choose between 100 melodic MIDI files from arps, chords, basslines, pads & everything in betweeen.

elements melodic midi files

Get a huge creative boost with Elements. Instantly drop the melodies into your projects and get creating from intricate arp sequences to powerful chord progressions. Analyse each MIDI file in depth to further learn more about music theory.

100 track ideas

choose between 100 ideas from arps, chords, basslines, pads & everything in betweeen.

and many more

full list of packs:

Presets: Deep Melodic 2 Presets, Simulate Ana 2 Presets, Amplify Kick 2 Presets, Dark Progressive 2 Diva Presets, Underground Vital Presets, OC & Verde Diva Presets, Resonate Serum Presets

Samples: Melodic House & Techno Vol. 2 Full Library, Granular Synth Loops, Botanica, Formulate, Premium Kicks

Templates: Entity Ableton Template

MIDI Files: Horizon Melodic MIDI Files, Elements Melodic MIDI Files

Mix Packs: Melodic Mix

+ All future 2023 releases, including: Ableton Wavetable Presets, Sub 37 Presets, Arturia Pigments Presets, Arturia Jup-8 V Presets, Melodic MIDI Files & more.

"I particularly love Mojulate's preset packs. There's so many amazing sounds in every one."


"Mojulate's presets are second to none. Really quality stuff from the guys. Would definitely recommend!"


"Been using Mojulate's presets in my music. Love the depth of sound design and unique qualities. Sick!"


"Love how the presets sound and I will definitely be using them in my future productions."


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