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Get every single preset, sample & template released in 2022 all in one huge pack. Boasting a massive 22 packs in 1, the Everything Bundle has literally everything you need to make huge steps in your own productions, from expert sound design for your synths to the highest quality samples, not forgetting an array of templates to learn from to further help you in your musical journey.

every pack from 2022 is here


Hundreds of presets right ready and waiting to instatly load into your favourite plugins. Including packs for Serum, Diva, Pigments and more.


Thousands of samples filled with drums for an array of electronic music genres, synth loops, bass loops, effects, & everything in between.


Every single template is included also. Learn how to create release ready music with plenty to discover in each individual template.


Dark Progressive diva presets

100 dark, edgy presets guaranteed to add that something extra to your productions. Perfect for progressive, melodic house, techno and everything in between, this pack utilises the full power and potential of the u-He Diva.


20 Basses, 15 Leads, 5 FX, 5 Drums, 20 Pads, 20 Plucks, 15 Sequences

+ Bonus MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

deep melodic SERUM PRESETS

Delve deep into this deep, melodic preset pack for Xfer Serum filled with enormous pads, pounding basses and an array of plucks, sequences, fx and drum sounds to transform your own productions.


20 Basses, 20 Leads, 15 Sequences, 20 Pads, 10 Plucks, 5 Percussions

+ Bonus MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

surge wavetable presets

100 expertly designed sounds that all feature up to 8 macros all assigned for easy and instant transformation of each sound. Melodic house, progressive house, tech house, techno, you name it this pack has it in abundance. Check out the preview to see the variations and real potential of Surge.


20 Basses, 20 Leads, 20 Arps, 20 Pads, 10 FX, 10 Chords

+ Bonus MIDI Files & Ableton Demo Project

essential techno vol. 1

The only sample pack you'll need for peak time, hypnotic or driving techno. Essential for any producer needing those fat basslines, crunchy leads or heavy kicks to transform their music.

what's included:

35 Bass Loops, 30 Kicks, 30 Hats, 40 Percussion, 40 Percussion Loops, 40 Hat Loops, 35 Synth Loops, 30 Atmospheres, 30 FX, 20 Claps, 10 Snares, 30 Synth Shots

+ Ableton Demo Project

premium kicks

Struggling to find that perfect kick for your tracks? We've got you covered with Premium Kicks, our first ever sample pack dedicated to the kicks and kicks only. 230 samples specifically designed for any electronic music genre, from House to Techno and everything in between.

What's Included:

100 Punchy Kicks, 30 Techno Kicks, 30 Thuddy Kicks, 20 Subby Kicks, 30 Short Kicks, 20 Reverb Kicks

+ Ableton Demo Project

melodic house & techno vol. 1

370 samples of pure Melodic House & Techno. Ready to use samples including bass loops, drums, synth loops, atmospheres and much much more. It's definitely all about melody with this pack.

What's Included:

40 Percussion, 40 Kicks, 25 Percussion Loops, 35 Closed Hats, 30 Hat Loops, 20 Toms, 20 Synth Loops, 15 Atmospheres, 25 FX, 30 Claps, 25 Open Hats, 15 Shakers, 30 Snares, 20 Bass Loops

+ Ableton Demo Project

constellation ableton project template

A full throttle melodic house production inspired by current hits in electronic music today. Constellation takes full advantage of Serums capabilities in this project alongside Ableton's own plugins. Check out the lead, bass & pad presets ready for you to use and incorporate into your own tracks.

what's included:

1 Ableton Project, 7 Audio Channels, 21 MIDI Channels, 8 Serum Presets

domino ableton project template

Take a melodic journey and discover new ways to produce release ready Melodic House & Techno with Domino, a track that is packed full with intertwining melodies and evolving sounds. Learn how to layer and mix elements together to create new unique sounds and master tracks to completion.

what's included:

1 Ableton Project, 5 Audio Channels, 26 Midi Channels, 11 Pigments 3 Presets

gravity ableton project template

A dark, moody melodic techno project that focuses on winding basses and evolving arps. Discover ways to layer lead sounds together and deconstruct the track to learn how its made.

what's included:

1 Ableton Project, 6 Audio Channels, 22 Midi Channels, 11 x Presets (Analog, Wavetable & Operator)

and many more

full list of packs:

Presets: Ignition Massive X Presets, Surge Wavetable Presets, Particles Serum Presets, Fusion Pigments Presets, Deep Melodic Serum Presets, Connected Techno Serum Presets, Dark Progressive Diva Presets, Melodic Electronic Mini V3 Presets, Raw Tech House Serum Presets.

Samples: Premium Kicks, Melodic House & Techno Vol. 1, Essential Techno Vol. 1, Underground Tech Vol. 1, Total Tech House Vol. 1, Indi Electronica Vol. 1.

Templates: Domino Ableton Template, Constellation Ableton Template, Gravity Ableton Template, Perception Ableton Template, Rapture Ableton Template, Polarity Ableton Template.

MIDI Files: Subject Melodic MIDI Files

"I particularly love Mojulate's preset packs. There's so many amazing sounds in every one."


"Mojulate's presets are second to none. Really quality stuff from the guys. Would definitely recommend!"


"Been using Mojulate's presets in my music. Love the depth of sound design and unique qualities. Sick!"


"Love how the presets sound and I will definitely be using them in my future productions."


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